We don’t rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to level of our training.
— Archilochus

Our work utilizes and synthesizes the best in
actor training and development.

Work at The Studio is divided into four parts: Preparation, Text/Interpretation, Character and World Of The Play. Focusing our efforts in these distinct areas, we cultivate and practice a specific, fluid way of working particularly well-suited to the challenges of the modern actor. Our training utilizes:

  • The Instrumental and Preparation work of Eric Morris and Lee Strasberg

  • The moment-to-moment and crafting principles of Bill Esper, Tim Phillips and Sanford Meisner.

  • The character and physicalization stylings of Larry Moss, Robert Patterson and Stella Adler.

  • Harold Guskin's unique, intuitive approach to the script.

  • Mike Alfreds' detailed Actioning process.

  • The vocal and presence work of Patsy Rodenburg.

  • Sean's own innovations, including Script Inquiry, The Givens Workout, Activating The Character Idea and The Sequence, homework and rehearsal technologies that allow you to go very deep into the text in a visceral, impulsive way while bypassing much of the over-intellectualization that often accompanies traditional script analysis.

"Living Authentically Within the World Of the Play" is the organizing principle of all the work. Each class is divided into Instrument, Technique and Scene/Role Study. The process is highly individualized, specific to each actors' particular strengths and challenges, guiding them on the road to greater specificity and freedom.